What's This?

Slack is a modern communications tool, built with powerful extensions in mind. You can use it to control your entire company, manage HR, monitor servers, or just to keep up to date with what teammates are working on.

We love Slack - it's what we use to manage all of our internal communications. So we naturally wanted a way to use Readable.io without having to ever leave our Slack channel.

And that's what this is. With our new Slack App, you can quickly and easily measure the readability of text and URLs from within your Slack account. You can even see text issues highlighted, just like with our normal text and URL measuring tools.

How It Works

1. First - Register with Readable.io (or login if you are already registered). You can use it free, with some limits, or go Premium for unlimited access to our tools.

2. Link your Readable.io account to your Slack team to allow Slack and Readable.io to talk to each other.

3. Use our Slash Commands to ask Readable.io to measure the readability of text.

4. Receive the readability scores for your text immediately within your Slack app!

5. Get to work improving your content!

Slash Commands

/readability [text or URL]

Get a simple, quick measure of the readabilty of text or a web page.

/readability-full [text or URL]

Get an instant in-depth readability report, including highlighting of problem text (Premium Business subscribers only).

Get ReadablePro!

ReadablePro subscribers get access to a whole host of specialist readability tools, including unlimited text and URL scoring, files, and more from just $4 per month!

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    Need Some Help?

    If you're having trouble, or if you just have a few questions, please email us at hi@readable.io and we'll be happy to help.

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